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"Get ready for God to show you the side of Himself that loves you unconditionally, His one-of-a-kind purpose for you, and a great example of what it's like to live for Him."

- Joe Champion

Senior Pastor, Celebration Church

Be Real, Because Fake is ExhaustingWe live in a world of fakers. Rather than being real with each other, we present a carefully-crafted persona that hides our faults and magnifies our good qualities. But inside we long to be loved, warts and all. We long to stop hiding from each other—and especially from God.

With candor and clarity, Pastor Rick Bezet calls readers to a life built on authenticity, showing that the way to true freedom lies through reclaiming our hearts, reviving our souls, and renewing our minds in light of what God has done for us through Jesus Christ.

"Pastor Rick Bezet calls readers to a life built on authenticity."

Through biblical stories and (often funny) personal examples, Bezet encourages readers to live with passion, integrity, and perseverance. He releases readers from the spiritual death that comes with pretending and leads them into a new life characterized by transparency, rather than fear.


Join the Be Real movement by using the Be Real sermon series at your local church. This package includes four video messages, graphics, and promotional materials. Register your church today!

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In addition to the book, you can also purchase the eight-week Small Group Package equipped with video lessons and a Participant's Guide. You may qualify for a free small group package if you have purchased Be Real in bulk for your church. 

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