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“How much time do you spend trying to manage how others perceive you? Most of us like to think that we’re able to keep up appearances, but the truth is that we probably aren’t fooling anybody. Even if we do fool some people, we can’t keep it up forever. Have you ever wished that you could just be you? My friend Rick has written this book as a powerful reminder that knowing God means having the freedom to be real. Check out Be Real, and stop faking it for good.


Senior Pastor, Seacoast Church and author of Ir-Rev-Rend

“With candor, clarity, biblical truth, and a bit of Cajun humor, this book will put life back in your soul and take you on a journey to a closer walk with God.”

- Chris Hodges

Lead Pastor, Church of the Highlands and author of Fresh Air


“Rick Bezet is one of those guys you always want to hang out with. He is funny, easygoing, and genuine. He is true to who God has called him to be. Be Real will inspire you to live the same. This book will free you up!”


Lead Pastor, Celebration Church

“When we were first introduced to Be Real: Because Faking Is Exhausting, we were intrigued by the concept. Our interest quickly turned to excitement as we explored the content on these pages. We can assure you that this book is not full of worn-out clichés about being 'real.' Sharing from Scripture and personal experience—examining what he did wrong as often as what he did right—Rick presents a compelling and empowering case for authenticity. Get this book today.

- John & Lisa Bevere

Authors/Ministers, Founders, Messenger International, Colorado/Australia/U.K.


“Our generation is blessed to have a great man of God like Rick Bezet. His humility and vulnerability make him an easy leader to look up to. And through his experiences we can learn how to Be Real and discover the grace of God that can only comes through an honest and transparent life.”


Lead Pastor, Elevation Church and author of Greater


“Rick Bezet has pulled back a curtain on the secret and highly-destructive ways of too many professing Christian families. Is it any wonder that the majority of young people leave the church once they leave home? Be Real is not so much of an exposé as it is a helpful guide on how we can be ourselves without succumbing to the pressure of false fronts and illusory images. As a minister to young people for much of my 40 year career, I can tell you that phoniness in the church is the number one reason congregations fail. Be Real is exactly the kind of message we need to become the people we were meant to be—OURSELVES!

- Willie George

Founder and Senior Pastor, Church on the Move


“If we are going to fulfill our God-given potential, we will have to be the 'real' us. If we are going to have friendships that last, we have to be 'real.' In an era where authenticity is rare and pretense is the norm, Rick Bezet has written a book that will give all of us hope as well as practical steps in living an authentic life. You will laugh and be encouraged as you read through the pages of this great book! It will take courage to be the real you, and this book will help you as you walk it out. This is a great book for small groups to use to encourage genuine community!

- Holly Wagner

Pastor, Oasis Church, founder and author of GodChicks


“As humans, we can waste a lot of time and energy pursuing our own plans in life, only to wind up frustrated and disappointed. With humor and transparency, Pastor Rick challenges you to throw off every hindrance and embrace change so you may step into all that God has purposed for you.”

- Christine Caine

Founder, A21 Campaign, bestselling author Undaunted


'Real' is what describes Rick Bezet. I have known him, observed him, pastored him, and now admired him for almost thirty years. He and Michelle simply 'live' the life they expound. Their children are blessed, their marriage is blessed, and the great New Life Church is blessed by their example. I don't know what other people call 'real,' but that's what I call it! Out of that 'real' comes 'rest.' Rick knows who He is and communicates that with authenticity every time he ministers. Grab onto 'real' and hang on: it may shake you but it WILL shape you. YOU can start being 'real' today, and your life and ministry will be totally re-directed!”


Pastor, author of Remnant, and director of surgeproject.com


“Pastor Rick Bezet delivers a bold and thought-provoking message to be real and to overcome the fears and social pressures that prevent us from achieving greatness. In his new book, Be Real: Because Fake Is Exhausting, Pastor Rick encourages the reader to stand proud and unashamed of their imperfections so that they can walk into the destiny that God has called them for. There is so much pressure on the body of Christ to appear perfect and without fault, but the only true strength comes from acknowledging one’s weaknesses and calling upon the Lord for guidance and grace. We as believers should welcome an open and honest dialogue of the daily challenges that try to bring us down, so that we may lift each other up and grow as a whole. I would recommend this book to believers new and old who are looking to shed their masks and live a life of unshakeable confidence and unending potential.

- Matthew Barnett

Co-founder, the Dream Center


“Why do people wear masks? Why is authenticity such a challenge for Christians? These are important concepts that my friend Rick Bezet addresses in Be Real. If pulpits and pews were filled with honest people, I’m convinced the church would be healthier. We must learn to be real—with God, ourselves and others. Only then will we walk in true freedom.”


Founder and President, LIFE Outreach International