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End Times Notes

03.06.15 | Bible Study | by Rick Bezet

    Additional notes for the article ARE WE LIVING IN THE END TIMES RIGHT NOW? Review of the Book of Revelation As we walk through a brief review of Revelation, let’s also draw closer to Jesus. In the first 3 chapters of Revelation, the ...

    Be Real - Bonus Chapter

    03.21.14 | Downloads | by Rick Bezet

    We couldn't fit all of Be Real in one book, so we have one extra chapter available exclusively from RickBezet.com for you to download and enjoy. So check out the real final chapter of Be Real -- Be a Real Friend!

    Chapter 4 Extended Study - Gideon

    02.17.14 | Bible Study | by Rick Bezet

    This is an extended study of Chapter 4 of the Be Real book on Gideon out of Judges chapter six. You can read along with the chapter and discuss the questions with your group. You can also download a PDF of this study by clicking on the notes link.