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End Times Notes

03.06.15 | Bible Study | by Rick Bezet

End Times Notes

    Additional notes for the article ARE WE LIVING IN THE END TIMES RIGHT NOW?

    Review of the Book of Revelation

    As we walk through a brief review of Revelation, let’s also draw closer to Jesus.

    In the first 3 chapters of Revelation, the church is mentioned 23 times. But through the tribulation part of Revelation, from chapter 4 through 14 more chapters, the church is not mentioned even once. I personally believe that we're going to be taken out of here.

    Chapter four then takes you behind the scenes to a view of heaven and from heaven, revealing God’s holiness and then the tribulation period from heaven’s perspective. Chapter five starts with a wrath period of tribulation. It's a scroll with seven seals, basically a title deed of the earth.

    In chapter six it appears that the bad guys are winning, but as God opens the seals, horsemen start arriving. People start running and hiding in caves. There are earthquakes, the moon turns red, and the skies are falling. Four horses are described in that chapter. The white horse represents the antichrist trying to look like Jesus, using deception. The red horse represents terrorism; the black horse, economy; the pale horse, disease. Well over one billion people die in that chapter.

    Chapter seven confuses a lot of people, because it takes a time out, showing believers interacting in heaven. Then chapter eight starts with, "Now, the Lord opens the 7th seal and heaven goes silence." The first trumpet blows – a meteor shower, the heat of which destroys one third of the earth's vegetation. Not one blade of green grass survives. The second trumpet announces an asteroid impact. One third of all the sea life is killed at once. The third trumpet is a nuclear explosion, and toxic dust renders one-third of fresh water undrinkable. The third trumpet describes an aerial attack where the sun, moon, and stars lose one third of their light. John is trying to describe things he had never seen before, like "I saw an eagle flying and its fire coming out of his mouth." Many people believe he was describing something like an Apache helicopter.

    Chapter 9 describes the fifth trumpet – an attack where Satan is torturing people so badly that they want to die, but they can't. Locusts with scorpion venom fly out of volcanoes, not allowed to kill, but only torture for five months. Another third of the population dies.

    Chapter 10 begins with people screaming and crying out because, they say, they didn't have enough time to repent. Chapters 11-15 contain more the same. The Antichrist comes. More pain, more torture, and deception run rampant, and the mark of the beast starts.

    Chapter 16 is where the bowls start – the wrath of God. The first bowl brings malignant tumors, cancer like never seen before. With the second bowl, the sea turns to blood red. With the third bowl, fresh water supplies become bloody. During the fourth bowl, the sun scorches people; it's too hot for survival. The ozone layer is probably totally depleted then. During the fifth bowl, people will be burnt from nuclear and biological weapons, yet they still won't repent. At the sixth bowl, the rivers dry up. And the seventh bowl brings an earthquake like has never been seen before. Scores of people are receiving the mark of the beast and the agony is just crushing. Then comes the battle of Armageddon.

    (Note: Should we include the specific Scripture references for the following? I would be happy to look every one of them up!)

    Also, one out of every 30 verses in the Bible
mentions the end times or Christ’s return. Over 300 scriptures in the New Testament
reference the return of Christ, and 23 of the 27 New Testament books mention Christ’s return, with 216 chapters covering or mentioning it.

    Note: For the next item, list on another, separate page, but I need to first verify where Rick got these stats. I asked him today, but he’s on vacation this week, so I’ll have to follow up with him when he returns. Again, it would probably be best in the Articles section of rickbezet.com. We could also include links directly to the Britannica and Barna.org articles. Thoughts appreciated.

    Global Faith Stats

    According to an Encyclopedia Britannica study (which includes both birth and conversion rates), Christianity is at about 33% of the global population, and Islam is at around 23%. Further, Islam’s growth is primarily due to birth rates, while Christianity’s is due to conversion rates. If you take just conversion rate, Christianity is out of control ahead.

    Here are some stats from The Barna Group:

    • The Builder generation – born 1927-1945
      • 65% are Bible-based believers
    • The Boomer generation – born 1946 -1964
      • This generation is leading our country
      • 35% are Bible-based believers
    • The Buster generation – born 1965-1985
      • 16% are Bible-based believers
    • The Bridger generation – Born 1986 until now
      • 4% are Bible-based believers 
    • The millennial generation
      • Only 4% of that generation are Bible-based believers