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Truth in A World of Grey (Part 2)

Posted by Rick Bezet on with 0 Comments

Every year before the kids go back to school, I take my family on a two- to three-day trip to the lake, where I have a friend who has a boat. (Everybody has to have one friend with a boat!) He lets me take it out, and I touch the buttons, and it’s awesome.

There are some shallow areas on Lake Hamilton, which can be dangerous if you’re not paying attention and are cruising along at a fast clip. (Not that I’ve ever done that!) Or, you could just get stuck. The way you combat that is to keep your eyes on the depth finder. If you keep your eyes on the depth finder, you’ll avoid shallow waters, and you’ll avoid getting stuck or having a major problem.

The Depth Finder

But what is our depth finder when it comes to our relationship with the Lord? I am confident it’s the Word of God. It’s the measure of how we know how we’re doing. When we’re in the Word, God will reveal, “Hey you’re getting into shallow waters. Your convictions are shifting. This is where you can get into some trouble. Please pay attention.”

Look at Proverbs 5:1-2 with me. The context of this verse is within a chapter talking about adultery; and this is just one example of many:

  • “My son, pay attention to my wisdom.” (That’s the Word; that’s the depth finder).
  • “Lend your ear to my understanding” (to the depth finder of insight);
  • “That you may preserve discretion” (depth finder)
  • “and your lips may preserve knowledge” (the knowledge of His Word – depth finder).

Shallow Waters

This chapter then shifts the focus to adultery. It continues, “For the lips of an adulterous woman drip honey.” (By the way, you could also say that the lips of an adulterous man drip honey). “And her speech is smoother than oil.”

What this is trying to say is that when you get away from the Word of God, adultery (and sin options) are like a taste of honey…for a season. But then the Word says in verse 4, “But in the end, she is bitter as gall.”

That word, end, is the Hebrew word “achariyth.” What does that word mean? In the beginning it’s honey, it’s smooth, then all of the sudden: achariyth. The word achariyth means what is behind you. You’re looking back. It’s kind of like if I had a slit in the back of my shirt. It takes someone else to point it out to me. The achariyth is what’s behind you that you do not initially see.

In this chapter, God is saying, “Be aware! You may not can see it from where you are, but I can see the end from here. If you get off track there, don’t forget about the achariyth.” I want you to keep your discretions around the Word of God. 

Let the Word of God guide your choices.

Here’s what happens with sin, and I’ve said this before: Sin will take you further than you want to go. It will keep you there longer than you ever intended to stay, and it will cost you more than you can ever imagine to pay. Similarly, the culture we’re in would love to pull you away from your beliefs, from your foundation in the Word. And if you’re not grounded in the Word, if it's not guiding you, you’ll drift further than you ever imagined possible, and then the cost of returning may seem too much.

Please friends, stay in the Word of God. It’s the best depth finder you’ve got, and it will warn you when your boat starts drifting towards the shallow waters.